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Example Menus

Dining is all bespoke to you, based on the options you choose and what your favourite foods are, but we can give you some examples from others.  We also have a few set menus for breakfast and informal dinners. 

Three Course Dinner

Example Menu
Completely bespoke private dining

CHF 55 per person

Three course menus are written just for you, based on your favourite foods and what you want to eat.  This is one we created for some guests in February 2021 who are gluten free

Lentil & walnut pate

Celeriac remoulade with truffle oil

Lambs leaf lettuce

Roast broccoli risotto

Sundried tomato dressing

Christmas pudding

Traditional English custard

This menu was created for some guests who love moroccan food

Homemade falafel

sultana and apricot spiced hummus 

lettuce and shredded red cabbage


Jackfruit stuffed aubergine 

Dukkah (toasted nuts and spices)

spiced couscous with quinoa

redcurrant jelly, pistachios

Chocolate Fondant

Cashew ice cream 

Five Course Dinner

Example Menu
Completely bespoke private dining

CHF 85 per person

Five course menus are written just for you, based on your favourite foods and what you want to eat.  This is one we served to some guests in February 2021 and included canapés 

‘Smokey Catch’ carrot, cashew sour cream, dill & mustard sauce in a crispy tortilla cup


Faux gras, fig jam, olive oil toast, lambs leaf lettuce 


Tomato & basil soup with cashew cream


Taglierini, Sicilian pesto, cherry tomatoes, pangrattato 


Chestnut stuffed mushroom, pea puree


Chocolate & banana tart, date and coconut caramel, maple candied almonds

This menu was created for some guests who love Asian food

Thai sweetcorn fritters


Avocado and marinated roast red pepper sushi

Pickled ginger, wasabi paste, soy sauce


Mushroom & seitan spring rolls

Thai dipping sauce


Peanut satay tofu

Fried rice with peas and edamame beans


Sliced fresh pineapple

Thai basil and crystallised ginger dressing

toasted coconut

Burger Night

Set Menu
Informal dinner

CHF 35 per person


Chalet Burger

Our signature burger – Green Mountain Burger in a toasted sesame seed bun with a potato rosti, Vegusto ‘cheese’, onion, gherkin, lettuce and homemade burger sauce


Gourmet Burger

Homemade soy-based burger stuffed with faux gras pate served in a small toasted sesame bun with bearnaise-style sauce and lettuce


Crispy Chicken-style

Crispy-coated chicken-style burger in a toasted sesame bun with Wilmersburger ‘cheese’ slice, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayonnaise


Crispy Veggie Burger

Chickpea and vegetable burger with a crispy crumb coating, served in a toasted sesame bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkin and curried mayonnaise


Fishless Finger Sandwich

Fishless fingers in crispy crumb served in a toasted sesame bun with homemade tartar sauce, fresh tomato and avocado




Spiced Potato wedges


Green salad with artichoke hearts and olives

Tomato & avocado salad

Creamed Corn

Homemade baked beans

Cooked Breakfast

Set Menu
Daily upgrade

CHF 18 per person

If you order a cooked breakfast, you can choose from this menu the night before.  Something with fruit or oats to start and then a cooked option.  Plus there is also cereals, toast and spreads, plant-based yoghurts and whatever drinks you want


Fruit & Oats

Porridge (dried apple & peanut butter, sultana & demerara sugar, hazelnut & chocolate, dried fig and maple syrup) 

Fresh apple, sultana and hazelnut Bircher muesli

Smoothie (banana & berry, tropical fruit, banana, ginger and lime)

Warm apple cooked with maple syrup & sultanas

Fresh fruit salad


Cooked Options

Fried tofu, mushroom and cherry tomato breakfast tortilla wrap 

Creamy scrambled tofu, maple smoked quinoa seitan strips, fried bread

Maple smoked quinoa seitan sandwich with asymmetric fried bread and ketchup

Avocado toast with fresh coriander and nigella seeds

Homemade English-style sausages and baked beans, olive oil toasts

‘Tofie toast’ a tofu version of eggy-bread, with maple syrup and fruit or seitan strips

Fluffy American-style pancakes with maple syrup, yoghurt and warm berries

Menu Box

Example Menu
Informal dinner

CHF 25 per person

All the ingredients, equipment and instructions to make your own two-course Live Life Chalets dinner.  Even if you want some of the prep done for you, the recipe explains it from the basic ingredients, so you can enjoy it while you are here and do it again at home.  


The contents of your menu box are bespoke for you, based on your favourite foods and what you want to eat.  But this is a few we created for a family in February 2021

Peanut satay tofu, garlic & onion rice, sprouts stir-fried with ginger and chilli

Chocolate and cherry cake


Onion bhaji, coconut raita

Roast squash, chickpea and spinach curry with coconut milk, pilau rice


Ikea plant balls, mashed potato, stir-fried cabbage, Chez Teddy sauce, lingonberry jam

Spiced plum and Anzac ice-cream sundae 


Celeriac, apple and walnut salad with mustard dressing

Shepherds Pie 

Tofee toast, maple syrup & banana

Raclette and Fondue 

Set Menu
Informal dinner

CHF 30 per person


Vegusto Raclette Cheese

Sliced mushrooms and courgettes in garlic and herb oil

Homemade superfood seitan strips

Boiled potatoes

Cornichons and silverskin onions



Homemade Fondue cheese

Crusty French bread
Dipping vegetables such as roast broccoli, fried mushrooms, fresh apple and pickled gherkins  

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