Environmental policies

Environment and ethics are at the heart of every decision we make, so you can enjoy your holiday without having to think about it.  The chalet is run on 100% renewable electricity, mainly from hydro electricity.  Everything we serve and all the products we buy are vegan and palm oil free; we do not buy any Nestle products or anything from Amazon.  When we renovated the chalet, we reused and upcycled wherever possible, rather than replacing, so we could keep waste, production and transport to a minimum.  We chose the make and model of our vehicle because it was the most fuel efficient of its type.  The new appliances we have bought are all A+ rated or higher.  We only use Co-op WWF endorsed cleaning products and we choose food and drinks to minimise transport and packaging, especially plastics and non-recyclable waste.  We separate and recycle assiduously, minimising or using reusable packaging wherever possible, composting what we can; anything else that we cannot recycle is burnt with energy recovery - zero waste to landfill.  Nobody’s perfect, and we are living examples of that, but we know that by considering each decision, we can make better choices than we otherwise would and improve our impact a little every day.  And you can know that we really have checked every label and thought about it, so you don’t have to.

The story of LiveLife Chalets

We fell in love with Chalet Chez Teddy, the town of Lenk and its surrounding mountains when we first arrived in November 2019.  Hence, on day two of our planned four month visit, we decided to stay and applied for Swiss residency shortly after.  We wanted to share our love of the area with others and make their holidays the best they could be. We also wanted to offer catered chalet accommodation to the growing number of vegans and people who want to holiday with a lower environmental impact.  We have experienced the frustration of finding no catered accommodation and little or no restaurant options for vegans in ski resorts and holiday destinations, as well as tiny plastic bottles of shampoo, lack of recycling bins and other clear tells of unthinking policies in hotels and self-catering accommodation.  Determined we could do better, and with an incredible location to do it in, LiveLife Chalets was born!  Unfortunately, it was born into a pandemic!  With all other established catered chalets closing temporarily, it wasn't long before we had to follow suit.  We hope that we may be able to offer catered accommodation again in the future, but in the meantime, we are proud to offer our place on Airbnb.  We hope you will agree that the level of equipping, hosting and assistance with self-catering is a level above what is normally offered.  

Who we are

We are Richard, Amanda and Rosie. 
We live in Devon, England, but come to Lenk in the winters to go snowboarding and split boarding from our rental home.  We are currently renovating a Victorian house and completing a full energy retrofit, aiming for the Passive House retrofit standard.  We are doing almost all the work ourselves, with Richard leading on design and specification and Amanda leading on electrics.